How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker to Laptop Windows 10

In this article, we will show you the steps on how to connect Bluetooth speaker to laptop Windows 10 along with why you use the wireless ones. It is a fact the everyone uses Bluetooth to connect everything to their devices. Flexibility and practicality are two main reasons why Bluetooth has been the most popular way to connect two devices or more. It can be used to share data, connecting keyboards, mouse, speakers, and so on without dealing with cables.

Connecting Bluetooth Devices to Laptop or Desktop

how to connect bluetooth

Windows 10 has made it very simple and easy to connect any wireless device with Bluetooth connection. When it comes to how to connect Bluetooth speaker to laptop windows 10, the steps are so simple and not complicated to follow. You need to turn on the Bluetooth and make it discoverable to another nearby device that tries to pair. Your Bluetooth is on when you see a flashing light as the indicator to pair the devices.

Later, you can use Windows Key an “I” to open the Settings tab. Find the “Devices” menu and find the “Bluetooth” icon on the panel. Make sure the Bluetooth is already on. Your device will tell you through a message once the Bluetooth is looking for another device to be paired with. After it finds the available devices to pair, you can choose the name of your Bluetooth speakers.

Another Way to Pair the Devices

You do not need to do anything once the whole process is completed. However, there is another way you can do to pair your Bluetooth speakers to your laptop. The first thing you should do is check the Taskbar and click the Action Center icon. It can be done by pressing the Windows key and A altogether. Once you have opened the Quick Actions tab, you click the Connect button. You will see a list of all enabled devices and you can simply click on one of them to pair it automatically.

Removing Bluetooth Peripheral from Laptop

If you want to disconnect the Bluetooth, you just need to redo all the steps. On the other hand, these things are easy to do. You just need to press the Windows key and “I” at the same time and the Setting tab will open. Manage this issue on the Devices tab and find the Bluetooth option. Choose a device you want to disconnect and tap the Remove button. Do not forget to click Yes for the confirmation

Troubleshoot a Pairing Failure

In some cases, the pairing process might be failed. You can fix this issue by several steps and you need to run the Troubleshoot. Please confirm that you have turned on the Bluetooth speaker and the computer will suggest some pairing techniques on your screen. Turn on and off the Bluetooth on your computer and make sure you put the speaker next to your laptop or PC so it can be discovered easily. Best speaker under 50

If you use batteries, make sure it has an adequate battery level. The simplest thing is connecting both devices to a power outlet. And this is how you fix the issue when it comes to how to connect Bluetooth speaker to laptop Windows 10.

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