Shave Easily and Cleanly with Remington F5-5800 Foil Shaver

Foil shaver is a type of shaver that is used for you who want to have closer and cleaner skin. Different from a rotary shaver, foil shaver is used by moving the shaving forward. There are many manufacturers of electric shaver that has developed many kinds of a foil shaver. Each product has different characteristics. However, it becomes quite difficult for us to choose the most suitable foil shaver. Among those types, Remington f5-5800 foil shaver can be a good option for you who look for the best quality foil shaver.

Pivot and Flexing Technology

In the market, there are many types of foil shaver that have solid head and foil. The solid form will create some problems in shaving some area of the face. Solid head and foil cannot fully follow the contour of the face and neck, so it cannot shave all areas. Remington f5-5800 foil shaver features pivot and flexing technology in the foil system. The two foil system can flex smoothly to adjust the contour of your face, chin and jawline. The neck of foil shaver can pivot freely, so you can also easily move the shaver following the contour of your face.
Interceptor Shaving Technology
In using foil shaver, sometimes you need to do it frequently because it is not clean and close enough. The hair will also grow faster. Remington f5-5800 foil shaver has interceptor shaving technology. This shaving technology will allow you to intercept the growth of the hair up to three days after shaving. This interceptor shaving will shave closer and cleaner, so it will give longer time for the hair to grow. This feature will help you not to shave too many times.

One of the most common problems that are faced by many electric shavers is the difficulty in cleaning the devices. Due to the electrical system in the devices, the use of water to clean the device can give a bad impact. You may find that your electric device broke after you clean the device with water. When you don’t use water, you may find that the share is not completely clean. However, it will not happen if you use Remington f5-5800 foil shaver. This electric shaver is water resistant, so you can wash the device with water. It will ensure that you can completely clean the shaver.

Popup trimmer
In using an electric shaver for beard or moustache, sometime, it will be very difficult to get the detailing. For the detail, it is recommended that you use the trimmer. However, it will not be practical to bring shaver and trimmer. However, Remington f5-5800 foil shaver answers that needs by providing pop-up trimmer that is located above the head. You can easily open up the trimmer by pulling it out.