The Best Bikini Shaver for Shaving Bikini Area

The bikini area is a sensitive area in the woman’s body, especially because it is located near the vital organ. In the bikini area, commonly, there will be hair that grows. You need to shave or trim that hair otherwise it will create quite a serious problem in your bikini area. However, you need to be very difficult in the shaving bikini area. You need the best bikini shaver that can help you shave your bikini area easily, comfortably and safely.
Panasonic ES246AC Bikini Shaver and Trimmer
When we talk about best bikini shaver, Panasonic ES246AC is a device that should be considered. This bikini shaver can help you shave your sensitive bikini area easily and safely. Panasonic is a small shaver that powered by 2 standard AA batteries. Commonly, the two AA batteries can last for 45 minutes. The cordless feature will help freely shave your bikini area. The small design is also very helpful to work in the bikini area. You can easily and safely move the small design. This device also provides a cleaning brush that can be very helpful in cleaning the device.
Panasonic ES246AC also provides five different lengths of trim. Each trim will help you adjust the length of hair that you expect to have. The trims can also help you close shave your sensitive bikini area easily and safely. This device is also the best bikini shiver for quite long and thick hair. There will be no hair pulling and tugging when you use this device. This device uses a hypoallergenic stainless steel blade that is durable enough. The hypoallergenic feature will be very helpful to avoid damage in the sensitive skin of the bikini area.

Philips HP6378 Bikini Perfect Deluxe Trimmer

Philips HP6378 is also one of the best bikini shavers that you can choose to shave the bikini area easily, comfortably and safely. The best feature that offered by this bikini shaver is the five types of attachment heads that can be used differently. The five attachment heads vary in the size. The different sizes can be used differently in the bikini area. You can shave the bikini area precisely. Moreover, Philips HP6378 also provides five types of comb that can be used to get the more precise length of hair that you expect to have, from 2mm to 10mm.
Among the five attachments, there are two attachments that make Philips HP6378 considered as one of the best bikini shaver, which is micro-razor attachment and epilator attachment. With micro-razor attachment, you can clean up and have a close shave in your bikini area. It also uses the hypoallergenic foil that can very helpful to avoid skin irritation. The epilator attachment will allow you to remove the hair from the root. This feature will give you more weeks until the hair starts to grow again.