Things to Consider, When You Choose Best Embroidery Machine for Home Use

Are you looking for best machine that can help you to create beautiful embroidery art? You will easily find it, because there are many products that you can get from the market. However, the problem here is choosing the best embroidery machine for home use. There are too many machines that look like the best machine and give you all useful functions that you need. However, if you choose wrong product or just pick randomly, you can get the problem in the future, such as the machine is broken or you spend too much money than you should have. So, to avoid that problem, here, we provide some information about how to choose best embroidery machine and get the most benefits from it.

The Types

The first thing you need to consider, when you want to choose best embroidery machine is the type. There are two types that you can find. They are:

  • Sewing and embroidery machine

This is good choice for you who just start to do sewing and embroidery. Usually, the machine that has sewing and embroidery function has rich features that will help you to do many things. You can design, combine pattern and many more. This type of machine mostly is cheaper. So, you also can save some budget by choosing this type.

  • Embroidery only machine

Just like its name, this machine only has embroidery function. It seems it has limited feature, but it’s actually the opposite. The embroidery only machine has best feature for embroidery purpose. Compared to the embroidery function of the first type above, this one is much better. Although the price is more expensive, if you look at it from the effectiveness perspective as well as its capability, this is definitely good investment.

So, what you need to do here is choosing between those two types. For beginner and hobbyist, choosing the sewing and embroidery machine type is good decision. But, if you really want to make embroidery art with high quality result, the embroidery only machine is your best choice.

The Ease of Use

The other factors you need to consider is if it’s easy to use or not. It doesn’t mean that you can’t choose the machine for professional that has so many features and functions. In fact, choosing the high spec machine like that is good choice, because that machine will provide the way to operate the machine much easier. In order to provide effective working process, this professional machine also needs a simple and faster way to use its function and feature. Therefore, this type of machine is equipped with control panel where you can use and access all of those features. This is what makes it easy to use. So, what you need to do is choosing the professional type for easy to use benefits.

The Hoop Size and Embroidery Area

Size does matter in choosing best embroidery machine for home use. You must find the product with big hoop size and embroidery area. With bigger area, you will be able to apply more complicated and beautiful pattern and design on the cloth. For example, you can combine more patterns and design to create more beautiful and artistic design. 

To find the size that you need, you can see the hoop size of that machine. For example, if that machine has 4×4 inches hoop size, usually the embroidery area will be around 3×3 inches wide. So, you need to find machine with bigger hoop size for better size you can try. On the other hand, choosing the small size will also save you more budgets. And, this is also good choice, if you just want to practice and train your skill, so you can create better pattern with bigger size machine. So, match it with your need.

The Machine Parts and AccessoriesThe last thing you need to consider is the parts and accessories in one package of that machine. Usually, most products will only have limited numbers of parts and accessories. And, if you want more, you need to buy it separately. That means you will spend more budget for this machine. Therefore, choose machine that has complete set of parts and accessories, which will also give you more option to create any embroidery art that you want.