Best Electric Saver Under $100

When you have been being a user of electric shaver for sometimes, you certainly notice that the quality of almost every shaver highly depends on the razors performance and technology it uses. However, there are actually two more factors to consider that most people forget, the running cost and purchase price. 

Therefore, when it comes to the best electric shaver under 100, you should definitely consider the options because you can find a great option of shaver with very good value. In fact, some shavers have good performance similar to those of more expensive shavers. Although it is also true that more expensive shaver comes with better reliability, better performance and better quality but you should not forget to consider the amount of your budget. 

What Makes Shaver Less Expensive?

So, you are now given with more choices than you can ask and you are a bit confused of what qualities should you look for in an electric shaver. Well, start with considering the additional features as these features are often the reasons of higher price tag. If the features are not really significant according to your perspective, ignore them and stay with less expensive options. The features usually include cleaning station, charging dock, cleaning cartridges, complex LCD display and also of shaving head. When you insist to stay within the budget, it is definitely possible to find good quality shaver based on your need. 

Best Electric Shaver Under 100 Available

With $100 in your pocket, finding good quality best electric shaver is something you can actually do from your room by buying it online. It means the options are a lot and you can consider buying one of them. Today, the recommended options are listed down below. 

Panasonic ES8243A

Panasonic electric shavers have been known for their good quality, reliability and price. This time, Panasonic offers the ES8243A series which makes a great product with fantastic value for money. It comes with quality razor for comfortable and close shave. Thanks to its 4 blades cutting system, users can enjoy powerful performance and motor. It is also known for its excellent build quality. It works pretty fast at 13000 CPM so fast shaving is always possible. It comes with both wet and dry shaving performance which makes it suitable for sensitive skin. 

Braun Series 3040S Pro Skin

Every man knows Braun electric shaver, one of the highest quality shavers in the world. This time, the Braun Series 3040S makes an excellent choice due to its capabilities and qualities. Its main qualities include smooth and close shave, very good built quality, reasonable price and great durability. They may be less expensive than other series of Braun shavers but they can last as long as higher priced tag shavers. 

Braun Series 3050cc Pro Skin

One again from Braun, this particular product is pretty popular as one of the frequently used shaver by men in the US. This shaver is an ideal option for those looking for convenient cleaning station, comfortable and close shave, great everyday use and also low running cost. However, it can only be used for dry shaving so it is not recommended for sensitive skin. Please check more Braun on gazblogs.

Panasonic ES8130S Arc3

Another product from Panasonic which now has become one of the best selling models of Panasonic electric shavers. Its basic features are what most men look for in best electric shaver. For instance, it provides both wet and dry shaving performance, comes with affordable price and powerful motor running at 13000 CPM. Its robust build quality guarantees better durability while its hypoallergenic Nano Blades make it ideal for men with sensitive skin. Overall, it makes an excellent choice of less expensive shaver. 

Philips Norelco Shaver 6100

Philips is also popular for their good quality electric shaver. The less expensive Philips shaver recommended here has a number of main features including cutting heads with good performance to tackle longer and short stubble. Being a rotary shaver, this product comes with Gyroflex 2D system and contour following capabilities. It is designed for both dry and wet comfortable shaving with great closeness. If you consider using it to shave your head, you are not on the wrong track. With those different options of best electric shaver under 100, what you can do is to consider all the features and decide which ones fit your need and preference.